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Jeroen Peeters
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Jeroen Peeters This EP jams. It jams hard! Alternating between raw punky jabs and atmospheric melodic hardcore-ness, these guys made an EP that flows well and doesn't bore you like a lot of recent releases. These guys know what's up. Favorite track: Bury.
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Take Heart would like to thank our friends, family and of course Curtis, Seth and Ross for adding another dimension to our vision. A big thanks to Mike Greenwood Fall City Fall, Slumlord, Take The Earth Beneath Us, Leveler, Westshore Falls, Papa Raj for lending us his van and the Godfather himself, Russell Colwell.


released May 23, 2014

Dane Warren - Vocals
Dij Mannar - Guitar / Vocals
Julien Ouimet - Guitar
Michael Bertuzzi - Bass
Jeff D'altroy - Drums

All Songs written by Take Heart

Additional vocals on "Live Free" by Michael Greenwood of Angelmaker

Engineered / Mixed by Curtis Buckoll at Rain City Recorders in Vancouver, BC

Mastered by Seth Munson at

Artwork by Ross Vanosch at Eyeheart Creative



all rights reserved


Take Heart Vancouver, British Columbia

Formed in 2012, melodic hardcore act Take Heart has been hard at work recording and playing shows. With an EP and two singles under their belt; their follow up, LIVE FREE, shows maturity and growth.

For fans of Hundredth, Counterparts

LIVE FREE is available May 23rd/2014
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Track Name: Bury
I wish to destroy you
A sickness so destructive
A demon thats hidden in your eyes
Empty eyes

Poison chemicals
Driving poison dreams
A madman is at the helm
He's controlling all you see

No one is safe
Just keep fighting
A twisted fate
No more hiding

Your guising the hurt within
Your scared to death of it
The beast has you in its grip
And it is tightening

You tried your hand at every vice thats known to man
Why won't it just let you go
Sinking its teeth into your soul
You walk in dark alone

You lost your faith in trust
But our brotherhood is second to none
You can't give up on us
We won't let your strength rot and rust

Stand up
Don't succumb to fear
And drown in depression
You are not alone in this
I won't lose you my brother

About as real as it gets
Everyday wanting your life to end
Reach out unto your friends
Because they don't know what your fighting inside your head

Piece by piece we will find the solution
Eradicate this pollution
Bury the beast within
Track Name: Rat Race
Concrete jungle
Towering buildings
Packed with people
Floor to ceiling

I see the homeless beg to the suits
An eye opener
A rotten truth

Caught in the rat race
That so many live everyday
Your life ain't for me
I won't live that way

Remove the masks and we're both the same
We just see a little differently
You got a list of golden dreams
Do what it takes to make it reality

Don't go burning bridges
Or cutting people's throats
To get a step ahead
Because you'll end up alone

This life is way too short to make those enemies
Or get tunnel vision and live the life of greed

I'm not an empty shell
I won't just drift through
And I am adamant to get where I'm going to

I take pride in where my trust lays
Free of those who discriminate
No more back stabbers
Just true binds
This is my balance my piece of mind

Your opinion won't change what i see
I don't judge you so don't judge me
This is a world of dishonesty

So don't buy in
Don't be a fool
A level head could very well save you

From a life that you hate
Or a person that you despise
Your worst enemy
Could very well be inside

Take a step back from life
And let your heart heal
Because with honesty
These dreams just might be real
Track Name: Sylas Bolt
Time for you to hear me out
Fix your ways
Every word you say drives me insane
Ignorant and filled with hate

Make sure that you
Take these words
And your lies
Before I break your face

There's no place for traitors here
What you seek
You won't find in me

You try so hard to outshine
You just don't see
This place is not for the imagery

I won't associate
With negative pricks who preach hate
Talking trash without a name

The weakest of the weak
Take your cheap tricks and leave

Your all bark and no bite
Empty words are all that your pen can write
Back out before your taken down
Straight through the door onto another town
Track Name: Live Free
I'm letting go

making plans to ship out
across this world my destination
trapped inside my own restrictions
moving forth no hesitations

i'm done with this shit
let go my grip
my chest is tight my heart beats out of time

no more delays
i'm losing my mind
can't wait for one more second
to reach the other side

break away
i got a right to dream

there are things I've always wanted
and there are things that i need

one need is to be free
to lose the feeling of days repeating
over and over again

but it aint easy man thats the truth
it takes it toll on you
leaving you family and friends far away
i miss them everyday

starting fresh escaping the mess
something you might not get
i took a chance that i'll never regret
my friends don't ever forget

your the world to me

i let go the weight of a world
that i felt for years
in the hope of new surroundings
now i'm here my life is brand new
i won't ever be a victim of my own conscience

no more endless circles for me
i will live free
the master of my own direction
Track Name: Bullet York
My loneliness
A product of no confidence
For so long it would be the shackle binding me

Living out my youth
Without a clue
On my guard until you showed me
What i could do

You took the time to help me see
The potential within me
Gave me the strength to care
Took away that old nightmare

You saved me from
A life of fear

You said to me
Get up on your feet
With the right mind frame
You can't be beat

Don't wait in line
This is your time
Break down those walls
And live your life

The clock is ticking
Forever faster
This world will not wait for you to catch up fool

Now I ain't looking back
This world is ours for the taking
Be sure of that
Set to attack anything that holds me back

Nothing can stop me now
Take back time that I lost
Live this life just how I want
Until my life stops

Don't you make the same mistake